Bisley USA is the American arm of the Bisley Office Furniture Co. in the United Kingdom. Established in 1998, our goal is to expand the Bisley product experience in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. We come to market through contract furniture dealers, the design and architectural community and select resellers.


Bisley is a manufacturer of “A Grade” and exciting steel office furniture filling all niches of filing from cards filing to plan files and everything in between. Adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry, Bisley products are manufactured in the in the United Kingdom rather than China or the Pacific crescent. Our cabinets offer quality, unique design and finishes which allow our dealers and designers to market exciting office products to end users without having to settle for the mundane and staid “gray, black or beige” of typical office furniture. We have shown designers and dealers that they do not have to settle on cookie cutter office furniture.


Bisley USA’s philosophy: “Service is number one, two and three on our mind”. Fabulous customer service is our mantra and goal while providing the Bisley product range, the cutting edge of new and exciting steel office products in a myriad of finishes for the office. We offer all services for the discriminating dealer, designer, architect and end user.


Bisley USA is a growing entity, always looking for talented and innovative designers and dealers to partner with us in order to create (as we term it ) “INSTALLATION GRATIFICATION”. This occurs when the efforts of all the parties create not only a well functioning and exciting office space, but one that exceeds the initial needs of the end user. This result is created with the combining of the worlds of Bisley USA and Bisley Office Products Company in the U.K.

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